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Real Estate Investing

In  Los Angeles

Midwest Asset Focus

Midwest Focus

BAM Capital prioritizes B++, A-, and A multifamily assets with in-place cash flow and proven upside potential. This mitigates risk and allows the fund to target consistent monthly cash flow.
Vertical Integration

Vertical Integration

BAM Capital provides unmatched expertise via vertical integration and transparency. BAM Capital handles all steps of the investment life-cycle, from purchasing to remodeling to management, yielding a higher return for investors.
Local Experts

Local Experts

BAM Capital leverages local expertise and long-standing relationships with sellers, brokers, and builders to allow for expert knowledge on assets being purchased.
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Indianapolis Multifamily Report

How It Works

Step 1

BAM Capital Finds Opportunities

From start to finish, BAM Capital handles the process of finding high-quality real estate opportunities and negotiates the purchasing and financing on your behalf.
Step 2

You Invest as a Limited Partner

BAM Capital's focus on B, B+, B++, and A multifamily assets with upside potential offers investors a low-risk opportunity with lucrative assets.
Step 3

BAM Capital Creates Forced Appreciation

The capital value of each asset is increased by reducing expenses and increasing rents. BAM's vertical integration model mitigates investor risk.
Step 4

You Receive Distributions

You reap the benefits of your cash flow-positive assets in addition to BAM's best-in-class operational oversight and management services.

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BAM Capital Geography

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Acquisition Strategy

Slide Acquisition Strategy Funnel DEAL FLOW BAM targets locations with
high-quality school systems
and population + job growth between 2-4%
UNDERWRITING horizontal points line INITIAL REVIEW horizontal points line BAM finds properties where the current rent is $100-200 lower than local competition, which can be increased with a light value add horizontal points line horizontal points line BAM only purchases deals with in-place cashflow greater than 7% and high appreciation potential horizontal points line BAM leverages deep, local relationships with brokers, sellers, and builders to acquire under market value OFFER ACQUISITION BAM looks for assets built within
the past 20 years that come with updated floor plans and amenities allowing for lower maintenance costs

What Our Investors Have to Say

Mr. Wang
Mr. Wang Private Equity Consultant

I have many years experience as a financial Executive in Private Equity owned companies and am very impressed with the sharp, diligent, and methodical manner in which Ivan and his team run their businesses and work with their limited partners. I have invested in several projects and have been very satisfied with the results thus far.

Mrs. Barros
Mrs. Barros Real Estate

My husband and I were looking for a profitable passive investment that would allow us peace of mind. We were impressed with BAM’s low-risk business model and the professionalism of their team. We chose to invest in the BAM Fund as a way to diversify our investment over multiple assets and have been pleased with the returns and timely reporting.

Dr. Harb
Dr. Harb Chiropractor

I have had the pleasure to work with BAM Capital on multiple occasions and capacities and couldn’t be happier! Exceptional customer service, supportive staff, and most importantly, the management team is there for you. I can't speak highly enough of BAM, the staff, and their care for their partners

Mohsen M.
Mohsen M. Telecommunications

I have been very happy with Ivan and his team of professionals. I have experience with five other real estate companies in a similar investor role. In this type of limited partner relationship, timely reporting and transparency are key to instill confidence. BAM has met or exceeded my expectations. I plan to continue to invest with this team for the foreseeable future.

Valerie & Jenni
Valerie & Jenni Real Estate

Sometimes investing seems cold and impersonal. However, for us, investing with BAM feels like a warm, high-touch, professional experience. Their team is dedicated to financial success for all, and we appreciate the attention to detail, and care for their community.


    Investing In Multifamily Syndication in Los Angeles

     Los Angeles

    Los Angeles , city, seat of the county of Los Angeles, Southern California, USA It is the second most populous city and metropolitan area (after New York City) in the United States. The city extends over a broad coastal plain nestled between mountains and the Pacific Ocean; the much larger county of Los Angeles, which encompasses the city, contains some 90 other incorporated cities, including Beverly Hills, Pasadena, and Long Beach. The province also includes two of the Channel Islands, Santa Catalina and San Clemente; Mount San Antonio, commonly known as Mount Baldy or Old Baldy, 10,046 feet (3,062 meters) high; more than 2,330 square kilometers of desert; and 75 miles (120 km) from the seacoast.


    The history of Los Angeles begins some ten or twenty thousand years before the first Europeans arrived in Southern California; see timeline. For most of human history, there was no city of Los Angeles; For thousands of years, hunters and gatherers gathered in villages on the banks and banks of the rivers. Around 1769, when the first Mexican and Spanish settlers arrived, the basin was populated by the Cahuilla [Kaweah], Cupeño, Luiseño and Serrano, speakers of Takic languages, a branch of Northern Uto-Aztec (see information from the La Jolla Band of Luiseno Indians and the Language Family Index, both external). The Cahuilla in Riverside had a population of 10,000 in fifty towns.Other indigenous groups included the Kawengnam, Asuzangna, Topanga, Cucamongna, Tuhumgna, Maliwu, Simi, Kamulos, Kastic, Yangna,

    Among the expedition members were Gaspar de Portola and Junípero Serra. The soldiers were in command of the Mexican Rivera y Moncada. In addition, there were eighty Baja California natives, twenty-five Catalan soldiers, a group of Franciscan missionaries, and a dozen craftsmen.


    Los Angeles is a city in Los Angeles County, California. It is also the county seat of Los Angeles County. With a population of 3,985,516 in 2020, it is the largest city in California and the second largest city in the United States. Los Angeles is currently growing at 0.05% per year and its population has increased by 5.09% since the most recent census. square miles.

    An official 2013 population estimate of Los Angeles showed the city had a population of 3,862,839, meaning it grew by nearly 37,000 people in 2012.


    The median household income in Los Angeles is $96,416 with a poverty rate of 17.99%. The median rental cost in recent years has been $1,450 per month and the median home value is $636,900. The median age in Los Angeles is 35.6 years, 34.7 years for men and 36.5 years for women.


    Los Angeles, California gets an average of 16 inches of rain per year. The US average is 38 inches of rain per year.

    Los Angeles averages 0 inches of snow per year. The US average is 28 inches of snow per year.

    On average, there are 284 sunny days per year in Los Angeles. The US average is 205 sunny days.


    Southern California’s regional economy is huge, diversified, and constantly evolving. Agriculture became important after the first citrus groves were planted by Spanish missionaries in the 18th century. Production was also important. The province boasts a wide range of financial and business services, high-tech manufacturing, and craft and fashion industries such as jewelry, clothing, toys, music and, most famously, movies. If the metropolis of Los Angeles were a country, it would have a gross national product that exceeds that of any in a handful of the wealthiest countries in the world.

    After a long period of growth in the 20th century, the local economy went into recession in the 1990s. A strong recovery began in the mid-decade and the economy showed significant resilience, especially in the high-tech sector. By the end of the century, construction, transportation, utilities, finance, insurance, real estate and government services were the fastest growing sectors for employment.

    Notable People or Companies

    • Angelina Jolie
      the daughter of actor Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand, Angelina Jolie is a true Los Angeles daughter. She is now 42 years old and arguably the most famous actress in the world. Expanding her field of work well beyond the realm of acting to include both filmmaking and humanitarian work, she has earned a reputation as one of Hollywood’s foremost personalities. Her face is one of the most famous in the world and has modeled for fashion brands like Louis Vuitton and Mac Cosmetics. A tumultuous, on-and-off relationship with Brad Pitt caused many people to call them Hollywood’s dominant power couple.Although they are currently divorced, both Pitt and Jolie have benefited (and probably suffered) from the massive tabloid and media attention that has constantly followed their relationship. This partnership produced six children, sure to be followed closely as they grow up to be future stars. Jolie is no stranger to the  LA nightlife .

    • Leonardo DiCaprio
      Leo DiCaprio , one of Hollywood’s most prominent faces,   was born to George and Irmelin DiCaprio. Growing up as a child actor, he started in television before making the move to film, where he found immediate success as the star of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. Now 42, DiCaprio has enjoyed continued success in the film industry since making his mark as the star of James Cameron’s Titanic. He is another Hollywood star who expanded his portfolio beyond the film industry, taking on a stewardship role, including extensive philanthropic activities and environmental activism.His latest films have earned him a slew of Golden Globe and Academy Award recognitions for portraying complex characters such as Hugh Glass in The Revenant and Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street. Celebrities like Leo use  Los Angeles limousines  to travel around the area.

    • Gwyneth Paltrow
      Now 44, is an award-winning actress who gained worldwide recognition for her performance in Shakespeare in Love, which won her both the Academy Award and the Golden Globe for Best Actress. Between 2003 and 2016,  Paltrow was  married to Coldplay singer Chris Martin and they have two children together. Gwyneth Paltrow has been involved in numerous other projects in addition to film, including a starring role on the television series Glee, as well as numerous philanthropic and activism-related roles. She has recorded several audiobooks for children and is the global face of perfume brand Estée Lauder.

    • Rashida Jones
      Rashida Jones is the daughter of famed record producer Quincy Jones, Jr. and actress Peggy Lipton. At age 41, she received critical acclaim for her portrayals on television, such as that of Ann Perkins on NBC’s Parks and Recreation. Jones is also a notable screenwriter and is the author of a comic book series called Frenemy of the State. She has been a spokesperson for Dove and has a passion for philanthropic work, both of which have contributed to her strong personal brand and positive global reputation.

    • Tyra Banks

    • Tyra Banks is one of the foremost American television personalities, with a strong personal brand that has made her transition from modeling to film and television roles. At age 43, her best-known TV role is that of the creator of America’s Next Top Model, a hugely influential TV modeling reality show that has a worldwide following. At the same time, she has spread her influence across the entertainment world, appearing on the music scene and writing books that have appeared on The New York Times bestseller list. Tyra and her girls love going out on party buses in Los Angeles !

    About BAM Multifamily Growth & Income Fund III

    BAM Capital created this fund in order to yield consistent and reliable cash flow, long-term appreciation, and accelerated tax benefits. The fund aligns with BAM Capital’s demonstrated track record of successful multifamily investing by continuing to implement our signature investment thesis, now in fund format. The fund aims for greater overall returns and lower risk through a multi-asset diversification strategy.

    • Consistent passive income
      Lower-risk assets with in-place cash flows with the ability to distribute preferred return after acquisition.
    • Significant tax benefits
      A cost segregation analysis allows for accelerated deprecation to years of ownership. This large passive loss gets passed onto investors through a K1.
    • Vertically integrated company
      In-house property management and construction allow for predictable cost reduction and value add.

    The above link will take you to the free Investor Portal to view all current offerings. If you do not have an account already, please create one to view the information.

    The contents on this site are for informational and entertainment purposes only and do not constitute financial, investment, or legal advice. BAM Capital cannot guarantee that the information shared on this post or page is appropriate for you and your financial situation. By using this site, you agree to hold BAM Capital and any and all entities related to the writing & publishing including BAM Capital’s parent company harmless from any ramifications, financial or otherwise, that occur to you as a result of acting on information found on this site. Always consult your investment advisor, CPA, and other professionals before making an investment. BAM Capital is excited to help you grow your investment assets. Please contact us to see how we can help you.  

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