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BAM Multifamily Growth & Income
Fund IV

The BAM Multifamily Growth & Income Fund IV, a private real estate fund, seeks to balance cash flow stability, capital preservation, and long-term capital appreciation while providing superior risk-adjusted returns to investors.

The strategies of Fund IV are:

  • Acquire Class A & B assets that are located near major economic drivers. Focus on Midwest markets with strong demographics and quality school systems.
  • Seek assets that have strong, consistent in-place cash flow in markets where there is a supply and demand imbalance. Keep cash flow stability, capital preservation, and long-term appreciation top of mind.
  • Use the BAM Companies vertically integrated platform with proven processes to drive revenue and create operating efficiencies. Seek opportunities that can benefit from organic rent growth or select interior/exterior renovations to justify future rent increases.
  • Eliminate “single asset risk” through portfolio diversification. The expectation that one or two assets may significantly outperform projections further increases the likelihood of a higher overall return for investors.
  • Minimum Investment: $200,000


Given BAM Capital’s intimate knowledge of the Midwest apartment market, the management team has the highest level of conviction in its ability to execute the business plan and deliver the targeted returns to investors.

Fund Assets

Click for a virtual tour of each property.

Fund IV Webinar

Tony Landa, Chief Investment Officer, and Ben Cotton, VP of Investor Relations, discuss the details of the NOW OPEN BAM Multifamily Growth & Income Fund IV including:

Differences Between Fund IV and Fund III

Minimum Investment Amount

Why BAM Capital?

Why the Midwest?

Differences Between Series A and Series B Preferred Units

First Fund IV Asset – closing Q2 2023

Investor Communication and Reporting

Two-Tiered Return Structure

BAM Capital will be offering two tiers of equity, allowing investors to align their dollars with their investment goals and preferences. Investors have the opportunity to invest in either tier of equity or a mix of both.

Series A has a Preferred Return of 9-11% dependent on the amount of equity that is invested in this specific offering. Series A investors do not participate in any upside during a capital event. Series A has a higher yield during operations via more consistent cash flow and potentially lower risk. Series A targets an immediate and consistent return (annualized, paid monthly).

Series B has a Preferred Return of 7% that will either accrue or distribute later in the Fund’s lifecycle. Series B cash flow accrues but ramps up over the life of the investment as rents increase and operating efficiencies are achieved. BAM Capital will evaluate property financials on a quarterly basis to determine if there is distributable cash flow available to investors.

Targeted Investor Returns

Series A

~ 0 x


9 - 0 %


9 - 0 %


3 - 0


Series B

2.0 - 0 x


15 - 0 %


0 %


3 - 0


*Above targets are the hypothetical capital contribution of and hypothetical sales proceeds. Hypothetical returns from (i) the operation, or (ii) a sale, of underlying assets, including, but not limited to, the timing and amount of available proceeds, have been arbitrarily included for illustrative purposes only. Returns are not guaranteed. Possibilities and examples do not represent or guarantee what the actual results.


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What is an accredited investor? Have earned upward of $200,000 (or more than $300,000 if jointly paired with a spouse) for each of the last two consecutive years & expect to earn the same in the current year. Possess a net worth of more than $1 million (either individually or in partnership with one’s spouse), not including the value of their primary residence.



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