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BAM Capital Webinars

Media Appearances

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Recycling Your Capital to Beat Infinite Returns with Ivan Barratt

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Rod Khleif: Why Multifamily is the Best Risk Adjusted Return You Can Invest In

The Importance of mindset and your network with Ivan Barratt
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The importance of mindset and your network with Ivan Barratt

Episode #39 - Establishing Multifamily Acquisition Fund with Ivan Barratt
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Establishing A Multifamily Acquisition Fund With Ivan Barratt [Ep. 039]

Episode #196 - Grow Your Business with Ivan Barratt
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E196: How to Grow Your Business – Ivan Barratt

The Real Estate Experience with Sterling White
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From Troubled Student To Successful Real Estate Entrepreneur with Ivan Barratt

Podcast #21 - Multifamily Success Stories
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From Managing Multifamily to Owning over 4000 w/ Ivan Barratt

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Build Multifamily Property Success, with Ivan Barratt | Bulletproof Cashflow Podcast S02 E31

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SK036-Helping Others And Achieving Big Results with MultiFamily Syndications w/ Ivan Barratt

Company Culture

BAM Bites

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Why our beginnings as property management/lessons learned allow us to succeed now?

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How does Multifamily perform in a Recession?

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How do we decide which asset goes with each Fund?



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