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Income Producing and Wealth Building Opportunities for Sophisticated Investors

Wealth Builder Fund

The BAM Multifamily Growth & Income Fund IV, a private real estate fund, seeks to balance cash flow stability, capital preservation, and long-term capital appreciation while providing superior risk-adjusted returns to investors.

 Ground Up Development

Nox is a ground-up development that brings a Class A+ urban multifamily community to one of Pittsburgh’s most desirable suburbs, Robinson Township. Nox will be developed by Milhaus, a prolific national developer with over 25 institutional-grade development exits. Nox allows BAM Capital investors rare access to an institutional-grade development project in a prime location with strong base fundamentals that align with BAM Capital’s disciplined investment strategy.

For the Qualified Purchaser

BAM Preferred Credit Fund seeks to provide investors with consistent and above-average risk-adjusted yields derived from multifamily investments, which have consistently outperformed other real estate classes over time. The Fund is capable of performing over the long-term across changing interest rate environments while offering strong principal protection with opportunity for capital appreciation.

Nese Apartment Living Area BAM Capital Multifamily Investment Opportunities

About BAM Capital

“We sincerely hope you to take a closer look at BAM Capital. We’re wholly dedicated to being the best partner on the planet when it comes to investing in multifamily assets. We sincerely look forward to providing whatever due diligence you‘d like to review.

– Ivan Barratt, Founder & CEO


What We Do

Our focus is on fostering tax-advantaged, long-term capital growth through both joint-venture opportunities and highly curated, institutional-quality housing funds. We balance cash flow consistency, capital preservation, and mid to long-term capital appreciation while providing the most superior risk-adjusted returns available in the private markets.


Our Approach

BAM Capital is relentless in our search for value in the multifamily arena, which is clearly displayed in our audited track record of exceptional returns. We have remained disciplined throughout changing market conditions. Our criteria is firm, and we don’t stray from our fundamental investment philosophy.


Our Mission

BAM Capital is the private equity arm of The BAM Companies, an institutional real estate owner/operator. We offer our family of investors access to premier real estate investment opportunities, transparent stewardship of capital, a means to achieve portfolio diversification, and tax-advantaged, long-term wealth creation.

From Our Partners

I have many years experience as a financial Executive in Private Equity owned companies and am very impressed with the sharp, diligent, and methodical manner in which Ivan and his team run their businesses and work with their limited partners. I have invested in several projects and have been very satisfied with the results thus far.

Mr. Wang

I have been very happy with Ivan and his team of professionals. I have experience with five other real estate companies in a similar investor role. In this type of limited partner relationship, timely reporting and transparency are key to instill confidence. BAM has met or exceeded my expectations. I plan to continue to invest with this team for the foreseeable future.

Mohsen M.

My husband and I were looking for a profitable passive investment that would allow us peace of mind. We were impressed with BAM’s low-risk business model and the professionalism of their team. We chose to invest in the BAM Fund as a way to diversify our investment over multiple assets and have been pleased with the returns and timely reporting.

Mrs. Barros

BAM Multifamily Growth & Income
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