Gateway Crossing

BAM Capital, a multifamily syndication company based in Indianapolis, IN, is pleased to announce its most recent acquisition for the BAM Multifamily Growth & Income Fund III: Gateway Crossing.

Gateway Crossing is a 160-unit institutional quality, garden-style apartment community that was developed in 2004.  It is located in Indianapolis, IN, and situated near major economic drivers, outstanding schools, and upscale retail areas.

“Gateway Crossing is extremely well located and offers its residents a diverse set of floor plans along with a comprehensive amenity package.  This purchase is consistent with BAM Capital’s investment thesis of acquiring assets that provide our investors with stable cash flow, appreciation potential, and capital preservation,” says Tony Landa, Chief Investment Officer.

“The combination of job and population growth coupled with low supply has had a positive impact on the apartment fundamentals in the Indianapolis MSA for a long time,” says Ivan Barratt, Founder & CEO.  “These strong fundamentals have resulted in substantial dividends to our investors.”

Gateway Crossing has all of the attributes that investors covet: exceptional location, strong current and historical occupancy, quality construction, and value-add potential.  Because of these factors, BAM Capital is confident that it can deliver a targeted IRR in the range of 15-20% and an equity multiple of  2.0x-2.5x to its investors.

The BAM Companies (BAM Capital, BAM Management, BAM Construction) is a vertically integrated real estate organization.  Combined, the company has over 180 years of experience among its Executive level staff. With more than $700MM in assets under management, $152.5MM in total distributions to investors to date, and 900+ investors across 40+ states, BAM Capital is a proven sponsor with a solid track record.

Gateway Crossing will join Autumn Ridge, Hamilton Station, and The Bristol as part of BAM Multifamily Growth & Income Fund III.  Autumn Ridge is located in the Des Moines, IA MSA, while Hamilton Station and The Bristol are both located in the Indianapolis, IN MSA. This offering is open to accredited investors only. To learn more about BAM Capital or this offering, please visit our website.

About BAM Multifamily Growth & Income Fund III

BAM Multifamily Growth & Income Fund III is now accepting capital from accredited investors in anticipation of the next acquisition.  The strategy of Fund III is to acquire Class B+ to A- assets that were built after 2000. All assets in this fund have strong, consistent in-place cash flow in markets where there is a supply and demand imbalance along with major economic drivers. By using a fund model, BAM Capital eliminates “single asset risk” through “portfolio” diversification. The expectation that one or two assets may significantly outperform projections further increases the likelihood of a higher overall return to investors. This offering targets an IRR in the range of 15-20% and an equity multiple of 2.0-2.5x over a targeted 3-5 year hold period.

About The BAM Companies

The BAM Companies specializes in the acquisition and management of multifamily apartment communities. Headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, The BAM Companies consists of BAM Capital, BAM Management, and BAM Construction. This array of real estate services utilizes the knowledge and strengths of its employees and market expertise to achieve maximum benefit for community residents and investors. The BAM Companies currently has over $700 million in assets under management.