Real Estate Expert, and Now BAM Capital Investor, Gives Glowing Testimonial On His Experience Working With The Team.

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We recently sat down with one of our investors. He was kind enough to grant us an interview where he explained his experience with BAM Capital.


Dave, Tell us Your Background & How You Found BAM Capital

“My name is Dave Lemley, and my wife and I have been Real Estate Investors for over 25 years. Within the last handful of years, we’ve started to sell our properties, taking advantage of the good selling market. We realized that we weren’t really excited about replacing those properties with a whole other round of rental properties. So we started looking for Alternative investment ideas, and we went to Google, did some searches, and found some websites where other investors were a little bit farther along than we were.“

“I noticed a number of comments regarding BAM Capital, everything seemed to be positive on those comments. So, I reached out to BAM and got a phone call from the investor relations team. Had a conversation with them that went well.  I asked them to put me in touch with some of their investors. I talked to those investors, and then I went back to my original search and found those investors reached out to them and had conversations with them. So, all of those conversations ended up giving positive results, and everyone had good things to say. It sounds like that was a pretty quick process, but that was a number of months of doing all of that. By the time all that ended, I felt very comfortable with it, and I ended up investing in BAM.”


What were some of the key benefits that drew you to investing with BAM?

“Well, for me, it was I needed something that provided safety. We had worked for decades making enough money to be able to invest, and I wanted to make sure that it was safe. I’ve been really good at real estate investing. We were good at flipping houses. We were good at managing a rental portfolio, but we knew in the end we weren’t experts. We were just good at it. So it was noticeable when I came here to BAM and started talking to people and getting to know how you guys were, how BAM worked, that there were experts. From Acquisitions to Property Management to dealing with tenants. You are experts in everything from the purchase to the sale of the property. We felt that even though we were good at what we did,  we felt more comfortable and felt like our money was safer invested with BAM. As opposed to us being in charge of it.”


Is BAM Capital a firm that you would recommend to friends and family?

“I’ve referred a number of people over here. Part of my due diligence that I didn’t mention before, was that we have a daughter that is a trader. She runs the S&P desk for the company that she works for. So she is way smarter than me, way more knowledgeable, and all this stuff. So I sent all the information that I had for BAM over to her and asked her to share it with some of her co-workers. I got a very long email that I didn’t understand most of. It was explaining that everything was basically good and was a good investment. So I got the thumbs up from her. In addition to getting the thumbs up from my daughter, she became an investor in fund four.  So you know it went well.”


Is there anything else that you’d like to share about your experience so far with BAM? 

“Finding BAM was kind of a game-changer for us. We always tried to envision what it looked like coming to the end of this active real estate career that we had, and it kept looking like we were just going to own properties until we died. I didn’t really want to do that, so we were really trying to find something (to invest in), and BAM kind of brought us some comfort in realizing that we could very easily sell our properties when we wanted to. And then reinvest that money with BAM and replace our active income with passive income, and that’s what we’ve been doing so we’re not all the way there yet, but we’re in the ninth inning.”


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