Is BAM Capital A Safe Investment?

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This is one of the most common questions that we get from people who have not been referred to us by another accredited investor. Those people who have not been referred to us by a satisfied investor always want to know if BAM Capital is a good place to put their investment dollars. The answer is Yes. A company is only as good as the people that run it. BAM Capital takes great pride in the character of the people it hires, as well as in the transparency of our accounting and investment allocation. Savvy investors know that no investment is without risk, but that real estate is one of the “safer” options.

Since BAM Capital only works with accredited investors for multifamily syndication, you can know that just about every profession, from lawyers, investment advisors to CPAs, have dug their teeth into BAM Capital’s infrastructure and paperwork to make sure that their wealthy clients are investing with a reliable company.

Let’s see what one of our existing investors, Dave had to say about his experience working with BAM Capital:

Is BAM Capital A Safe Place To Put Your Investment Dollars To Work With?

“I’ve referred a number of people over here. Part of my due diligence that I didn’t mention before was that we have a daughter who is a trader. She runs the S&P desk for the company that she works for. So she is way smarter than me, way more knowledgeable, and all this stuff. So I sent all the information that I had for BAM over to her and asked her to share it with some of her co-workers. I got a very long email that I didn’t understand most of. It was explaining that everything was basically good and was a good investment. So I got the thumbs up from her. In addition to getting the thumbs up from my daughter, she became an investor in fund four.  So you know it went well.”


Is there anything else that you’d like to share about your experience so far with BAM? 

“Finding BAM was kind of a game-changer for us. We always tried to envision what it looked like coming to the end of this active real estate career that we had, and it kept looking like we were just going to own properties until we died. I didn’t really want to do that, so we were really trying to find something (to invest in), and BAM kind of brought us some comfort in realizing that we could very easily sell our properties when we wanted to. And then reinvest that money with BAM and replace our active income with passive income, and that’s what we’ve been doing so we’re not all the way there yet, but we’re in the ninth inning.”


Mohsen M, had this to say,

“I have been very happy with Ivan and his team of professionals. I have experience with five other real estate companies in a similar investor role. In this type of limited partner relationship, timely reporting and transparency are key to instill confidence. BAM has met or exceeded my expectations. I plan to continue to invest with this team for the foreseeable future.”


Mrs. Barros had this to say,

My husband and I were looking for a profitable passive investment that would allow us peace of mind. We were impressed with BAM’s low-risk business model and the professionalism of their team. We chose to invest in the BAM Fund as a way to diversify our investment over multiple assets and have been pleased with the returns and timely reporting.”


Mr. Wang had this to say,

“I have many years of experience as a financial Executive in Private Equity owned companies and am very impressed with the sharp, diligent, and methodical manner in which Ivan and his team run their businesses and work with their limited partners. I have invested in several projects and have been very satisfied with the results thus far.”


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