Why Indianapolis And The Midwest for Multifamily Apartment Investing Is A Great Choice​

Video transcription:

I recently got asked by an investor in California, “hey, why should I keep investing in Indy you know there are options all over this great country of ours to invest in what’s so great about indy?”.

And while I’m not here to say that these other areas of the country, Texas and Southeast Florida, are necessarily bad, I am here to talk about what I like about Indy.

Now, of course, there are all the metrics that we illustrate and shed light on in our offering. It’s the fourth-best place in the country, the state of Indiana, to do business. Number one in the midwest is multiple corporate headquarters and steady job growth. Billions of investments in private capital from businesses. But also a very business-friendly government and environment.

Landlord friendly as well and lots of reinvestment in infrastructure. In fact number one in the country’s overall business infrastructure according to CNBC’s best places to do business. And you know, one of my favorites is the rent growth, but you guys have all heard me talk about that a lot, but just to go back to it again. 35 actually almost 40 years now of rent growth averaging 3%. It is the tortoise versus the hair slow but steady upward rent growth, not these boom and bust cycles you get in other places. Many of you have heard me say before Indy doesn’t boom, but it doesn’t bust either, so we’ve talked about that we’ve talked about the tech jobs here, very underrated or unknown tech job market.