The BAM Companies Celebrates Earning the 2024 Fast 25 Award From Indianapolis Business Journal

Navigation: Sustaining Growth While Nurturing Company Culture, Focused Expertise in Multifamily Properties, BAM Capital: A Leader in Multifamily Syndication, Adapting to Market Dynamics, Commitment to Transparency and Education

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — The BAM Companies is thrilled to announce it has been honored with the 2024 Fast 25 Award by the Indianapolis Business Journal (IBJ). This recognition marks a significant repeat achievement, as the company was also a recipient in 2021. The award highlights the fastest-growing privately held companies in the Indianapolis area, focusing on those that have not only significantly increased their revenue over a three-year period but have also made a positive impact on the local economy. 

Sustaining Growth While Nurturing Company Culture

Known among its team as the “BAM fam,” The BAM Companies is celebrated for fostering a workplace environment that bolsters camaraderie and a familial atmosphere. “You can only truly understand our “experience” by being here, walking through our hallways, listening to the collaboration, and sharing in the laughter. It is a testament to our vibrant team spirit,” says Ivan Barratt, Founder & CEO of The BAM Companies.

Despite substantial growth in recent years, for example #2991 on Inc. 5000 list in 2023, the firm has maintained its dedication to a small-company feel: A culture, where every team member is highly valued. This commitment is evident in the myriad of team-building activities offered, from breakfast gatherings to kickball games and trivia nights. “Our people are our greatest asset. Creating an environment where our teams enjoy their work is paramount to us,” emphasizes Barratt.

Focused Expertise in Multifamily Properties

For nearly 15 years, The BAM Companies has specialized exclusively in multifamily properties, consciously avoiding diversification into other real estate sectors such as office spaces or storage facilities. The company primarily acquires existing properties in affluent areas, applying a meticulous and disciplined approach to selection. “Our track record really speaks for itself,” Barratt remarks, highlighting the strategic focus that has contributed to the company’s success.

BAM Capital: A Leader in Multifamily Syndication

BAM Capital, the real estate acquisition arm of The BAM Companies, specializes in multifamily syndication for accredited investors. “An accredited investor is defined by financial regulatory bodies as someone with the financial knowledge and resources to manage the risks of certain investment opportunities not available to the general public,” explains Barratt. This allows them to engage in high-stakes investments like real estate syndications, which are known for their significant potential for wealth creation.

Barratt adds, “We are passionate about multifamily syndication at BAM Capital because it allows investors to pool resources to invest in properties that would often be unattainable individually. This collective investment approach not only diversifies risks but also maximizes returns through shared expertise and economies of scale. It’s a powerful tool for building generational wealth.”

Adapting to Market Dynamics

The BAM Companies has adeptly responded to changes in the economic landscape, such as rising interest rates, which have made homeownership less accessible and increased the demand for quality rental options. “We have cultivated strong relationships with our lenders, enabling us to find creative financial solutions that benefit both our residents and investors,” says Barratt.

Commitment to Transparency and Education

In times of economic uncertainty, The BAM Companies stands out for its commitment to transparency and educating its staff and nearly 1,300 investors. The company not only owns but also actively operates its properties, ensuring long-term quality and stability. “Our investment focus in the Midwest has proven resilient, helping us to mitigate the volatility seen in other markets,” Barratt concludes. BAM Capital has collected a loyal set of investors who have given their reviews of BAM Capital, so that potential investors can learn from current investors who have gone through the vetting process. 

This latest recognition from the IBJ as one of the Fast 25 of 2024 is a testament to The BAM Companies’ robust growth, strategic focus, and the enduring strength of its workplace culture. As the company continues to expand, it remains committed to its mission of building community and enhancing lives through high-quality housing solutions.