BAM Capital was “featured on a recent episode of Trending Today”, which aired on November 2, 2021. This award-winning show airs on the  Fox Business Network. The six-minute segment featured the BAM Companies and some of the people who are working behind the scenes to make this multifamily acquisition and management company great.

Trending Today interviewed Ivan Barratt, who is the founder and CEO of the BAM Companies. He spoke about the company’s beginnings and its journey into becoming a four-time Inc. 5000 Awardee.

“I am Ivan Barratt, founder and CEO of the BAM Companies. We’re a multifamily owner/operator here in the Midwest, so basically I’m an apartment guy. BAM Companies owns 5,000 apartments here across the Midwest. We’ve got close to 100 employees now, somewhere over $600 million in assets under management, and that all started with me in a duplex,” Barratt told Trending Today.

“In the beginning, BAM was Barratt Asset Management and we were a property management company. We started managing assets—mostly small assets for investors that didn’t want to deal with “the tenants and the toilets”. One day, a few years ago, we decided that it was time to transition away from managing for other people and so we transitioned out of that management company for others to where now we only manage apartments that we own and control. From there, three companies really grew out of the original one. That original management company which is still the beautiful machine that makes this whole thing work.”

The BAM Companies, formerly known as Barratt Asset Management, consists of BAM Capital, BAM Management, and BAM Construction. “Our roots and foundation are in property management. Layering on BAM construction and BAM Capital allows us to be fully vertically integrated while still keeping those roots planted in the management team,” Barratt said.

Jerry Hyatt, Vice President of BAM Construction, was also featured. “My role is to identify projects from the very beginning and then make those projects a reality after closing. We do anything from small value-add projects to complete full renovations of an asset, soon-to-be shovels in the dirt, and building from the ground up.”

Hyatt looked back at the company’s humble beginnings and reflected on how far the BAM Companies has come. “I started back in the 1990s and luckily joined up with BAM about six years ago and it’s been a great journey,” he said. “When I first started I don’t think we even had computers in the offices or in the communities. Now with technology, we stay ahead of all of our competitors. Technology makes BAM Construction more efficient, which in return pays off for the investor.”

The Trending Today segment also put a spotlight on some of BAM Capital’s multi-deal investors, including chiropractic physician Dr. Charbel Harb.

“Being a physician in the state of Indiana, my focus is primarily on my patients, staff, and family, so for me it’s very important to know that I have a passive investment vehicle: BAM Capital.. Trust and transparency are a very important component in my relationships. It’s important to know that you are handing your investment and your hard-earned money to a person that you can trust.”

Investors love BAM Capital’s low-risk investment approach. BAM Capital focuses on Class A, A-, and B++ multifamily properties because they offer the lowest risk for investors. Through multifamily syndication, investors do not need to purchase an asset on their own. BAM Capital will arrange the syndication deal and also handle property management. Investors can pool their resources and get money from the cash flow and equity once the deal is done.

Trending Today is a show that airs nationwide on the Fox Business Network and reaches over 65 million households. It celebrates entrepreneurs from around the US including trendsetters, inventors, and innovators. BAM Capital is now a thought leader in the multifamily investing industry. Viewers can catch Trending Today on streaming services including Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire stick and hundreds of smart TV platforms.

BAM Capital works with accredited investors and negotiates the purchasing and financing of high-quality multifamily real estate properties on their behalf. This Indianapolis-based company currently has $650 million AUM and 5,000 units.

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