BAM Capital is pleased to announce the acquisition of our first property in Iowa. Click the link to read the article, “BAM Capital Acquires FundII Asset 3 In Iowa“.

BAM’s Multifamily Growth and Income Fund II is a private real estate fund uniquely designed to yield consistent, reliable cash flow, long-term appreciation, and accelerated tax-shelter benefits. The fund aligns with BAM Capital’s demonstrated track record of successful multifamily investing. BAM Capital continues to implement its signature investment thesis and, in fund format, will allow for greater overall returns and lower risk through a multi-asset diversification strategy.

If you are considering a multifamily syndication investment, BAM Capital would love to speak with you. Please click the link below to schedule a time to speak with our of our advisors and see if we might be a good fit to help you reach your goals of becoming a passive real estate investor.