The BAM Companies: Win Top Workplace Award, 2024


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In the bustling realm of real estate investment and management, The BAM Companies stands out for its robust growth and strategic prowess and its unparalleled work culture. This distinction has earned it the prestigious 2024 Top Workplace Award in Central Indiana, a testament to its commitment to employee satisfaction and corporate ethos. 

In 2023, The BAM Companies won the Top Workplaces Award, celebrated as a badge of honor that reflects the positive workplace culture created by employee feedback.  In 2024, The BAM Companies upped the ante and earned a spot in the top ten companies for their size and category. This recognition is facilitated by a third-party survey through Energage, LLC, which evaluates 15 critical culture drivers, including alignment, execution, and connection. The award highlights the commitment to creating an environment where employees feel valued and empowered, a key factor in their job satisfaction and overall company success​ 

A Closer Look at The BAM Companies

Founded in 2010 by Ivan Barratt, The BAM Companies began with a humble portfolio of less than five units. Over the years, it has burgeoned into a vertically integrated behemoth, encompassing capital investment, property management, and renovation. Today, it boasts over 5,000 units under management and has executed transactions surpassing $1.33 billion.

“Being recognized for being a great place to work is something that has been on my wishlist for a long time. From early on I had this crazy idea – what if we had a company where people liked their jobs? What if people wanted to come work for us because of the culture and the way we treat our people? So, to be awarded for that means a great deal to me,” says Ivan Barratt, Founder and CEO.

The enterprise is structured into three cohesive branches: BAM Capital, BAM Management, and BAM Construction, collectively employing 155 people across the United States, with 83 based in Central Indiana. This structure allows The BAM Companies to seamlessly control every aspect of their operations, ensuring a streamlined process from investment to management.

Culture as a Cornerstone

What truly sets The BAM Companies apart is its vibrant culture. Described by employees as “incredible,” the work environment is often cited as the primary reason staff members love their roles. The company fosters a culture of fun, growth, family, and work-life balance, principles that are palpable in every facet of the organization.

This culture is carefully cultivated through various initiatives. The BAM Companies host at least four all-company events annually, fostering camaraderie and a strong sense of community — affectionately termed the BAMFAM and BAMily. These gatherings are not just social events but are pivotal in strengthening bonds among team members.

Empowering Employees

At The BAM Companies, employees are trusted to excel in their roles, empowered to make decisions, and feel genuinely valued — treated like members of a large family. This empowerment contributes significantly to job satisfaction, as evidenced by the company’s repeated recognition as a Top Workplace.

Unique Benefits and Community Engagement

Leveraging its niche in multifamily housing, BAM Capital offers unique benefits like rent discounts, free utilities on-site, and access to property amenities — adding a tangible value to the traditional benefits package.

Moreover, the company is committed to diversity, inclusion, and community service. In 2023, it established a diversity and inclusion committee to ensure its culture aligns with company standards and presents itself as an inviting workplace. Additionally, its philanthropy committee focuses on giving back, with notable partnerships like the one with Firefly Children and Family Alliance.

The success of The BAM Companies is not just in its impressive growth or the scale of its operations but in its ability to nurture a thriving workplace where every employee feels integral to the company’s journey. As it continues to expand and innovate within the real estate sector, The BAM Companies remains a beacon of corporate excellence and cultural integrity in Central Indiana.

For more information about The BAM Companies and their impact, visit their website at The BAM Companies.